BC2 Status
Players in last 24h13
Connections8 / 22 / 4096
Players online0
Personas in top4131
Servers online4
Used ram16.90MB
Uptime14d 21h 41m 7s


[All] Update 2016.08.23 23:07:57

All bans now will be permanent. Enjoy. Who banned now for 30 days - still will be able to make new account after ban expires.

[All] Its time 2016.07.06 09:29:43

Just for info: Z = permaban

[All] Update 2016.04.25 12:42:27

All new ZloLog also no ddos over month or two on current hoster.

[All] Status 2016.03.06 01:59:38

Ddos, again. Current hoster cant handle it on vps, dedic - cost too much. BF3 will not work some time, maybe days.

[All] Status 2016.02.21 19:18:48

Moved to new host, will what will be with ddos.

[All] Status 2016.02.21 18:14:59

Its ddos, so again i will soon move all to new hoster.

[All] Status 2016.02.19 10:23:15

DDoS suddenly stopped 2 days ago.
Just for fun made cheaters by country list http://zloemu.org/cheaters.txt

[All] Status 2016.02.13 18:41:36

We are under ddos and moved to new hoster, so if something not work - its NORMAL.

[BF3] Update v7 2015.09.21 14:56:17

Client update http://zloemu.org/files/bf3/Client.zip just unpack to client with overwrite.
Server update http://zloemu.org/files/bf3/Srv.zip unpack to server folder, login&pass now in bat file, not in exe. Just add to cmd line -zlogin login -zpass pass
Launcher will not autoupdate, so download http://zloemu.org/files/bf3/Launcher.dll

[BC2] Update 2015.09.18 11:39:19

BC2 moved to zloemu, authorization too.
Client update http://zloemu.org/files/bc2/Client.zip
Server update http://zloemu.org/files/bc2/Srv.zip Now server login&pass used in bat file: -zlogin test -zpass test DO NOT USE ServerPass. If you have some servers in Win32Game.cfg - remove them.
If you want move stats from old personas - auth on zloemu, go to !REMOVED! and login with OLD FORUM account, select persona to move, if have more than one, done. If was more then one persona - create another account on zloemu for each, because only one persona allowed now, with name from site.
Delete persona in game - will just wipe all data from it.

[BC2] Changes 2015.09.10 09:29:04

Soon BC2 will be moved to this site, authorization too.
Will be page, where you can transfer all current data from zlogames to zloemu.
Changes: new crack and exe(including server), will be only one persona per account with name from zloemu, delete persona - just delete all stats and other data, create persona - disabled. If you want more personas - just create another account. Friend list will be wiped.
Later i'll post all needed files and links.

[BF3] Adding servers 2015.07.16 09:31:46

From now - to add server you must at least one time login to bf3 from same account. You cant add server to account without DRM autorization. Not related with already added servers.
Multiexp servers(>2xp) will be permanent banned on emu with account.

[Site] Site changes 2015.02.09 16:44:04

Added name change, once in 7 days.

[Site] Site changes 2014.11.25 10:42:33

Added banlist, password changer and recovery.

[BF3] 6.3.1 2014.11.01 15:32:31

Fixed MISSING_CONTENT on karkand maps.

[BF3] Its open 2014.11.01 00:29:30

1. Update dll first time MANUALLY to 6.3.0
2. You can add servers now.
3. About bans - first ban for cheats - 30d, second - permanent.

[BF3] Its time 2014.10.31 22:23:50

At 00:00msk will be wipe of v5 and current v6, so all will be in same conditions.
If you was registered on v6 - register again, remove c:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License\DGR01609245.dlf, redownload http://zloemu.org/files/bf3/Client.zip and unpack to client with replace.